Fiction that stayed with me in 2016

The complete list of books that I read can be found here. Anyone who knows me and my reading tastes right now knows that I am obsessed with structure. These reviews are based on my goodreads reviews, with some additional comments. Bird Box by Josh Malerman I’ll be the first to admit that the writing […]

Non-fiction books that stayed with me in 2016

The complete list of everything I read can be found on my goodreads page- here I thought I read more non-fiction than fiction this year, but apparently, this feeling was incorrect and I read about the same number of fiction and non-fiction books. I have been having a harder time reading fiction because I find […]

Non-fiction picks of 2015

Non fiction pics of 2015- In no particular order- I noticed this year that I really like personal essays and memoirs. I also turn to non-fiction when I’m depressed, so I read a lot of non-fiction this year. (I’m fine now) In fact, I cut this list down in the interest of length. 1.They left […]

Fiction picks from 2015

This also inspired me to update my blog more, which I haven’t done in over a year. But it’s hard to blog when you’re Facebooking, Tweeting and Livejournalling and Instagramming too. I do have more plans for this space though. 🙂 And now for the books: I read 152 books this year, which is down […]