Write reads podcast “After Canada reads”

I thought I would be able to write when I was in South Africa, but I found that I was too busy experiencing South Africa and learning about it to write much of anything. It was an incredible country, and my experience there affected me deeply. I’ve been back for 10 days, and I am still processing it and returning to my normal life.

But a couple days after I got back, I did a podcast for a Write Reads podcast, talking about Katherena Vermette’s amazing novel, “The Break.”

If you were upset about its treatment on Canada Reads, you should listen to these two episodes. You should also listen to these episodes if you are a person who cares about Canadian literature. I had a talk with five other people who love Canadian literature as much as I do. We discussed who was the best female character in Canadian literature, based on five very different books.

You can listen to it on the website, or on Itunes.

Here’s the link to the first episode First episode

and the second- and the second

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