Novel: MAD COW Told from two points of view—a mother and her daughter—Mad Cow examines farming life in small-town Alberta, a life fourteen-year-old Allyson wants only to escape. Meanwhile her mother, Donna, dealing with her own assortment of problems and setbacks, soldiers on through the daunting days. But when a strange affliction starts picking off the local cattle, everything changes, and when tragedy strikes the extended family, life as they know it is seemingly over forever. Now Donna and Allyson must work together to keep the family and the farm intact, all while dealing with overwhelming grief and the fact their once thriving livelihood is failing.

Now or Never Publishing in 2020.
ISBN- 978-1897181-126

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Poetry: She dreams in Red is the story of journeys- from China to Canada, to Indonesia, to Mongolia into the mysteries of the human heart and romantic relationships. Exploring the author’s unique cultural background and history, travels and encounters with love and loss, these poems attempt to make sense of the world with simple images painted in clean brushstrokes. She dreams in Red was published by Frontenac House in 2007.
ISBN- 978-1897181-126
Price- $15.95
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Poetry: 13 creatively examines beauty and darkness in many arenas including the workings of a bee hive, board games, childhood depression, the personal lives of monsters and a failed romantic relationship in a beautiful Canadian city. The poems of 13 find humanity and beauty within horror and despair, hope, humour and light within darkness. 13 was published by Frontenac House in 2011 and can be ordered through, or your local, independent bookstore.
ISBN- 978-1-897181-53-9
Price- $15.95
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Truth Love Non-Violence The story of Gurcharan Singh Bhatia

Biography: Truth, love, non-violence: The Story of Gurcharan Singh Bhatia
A refugee who watched as violence shattered his homeland, Gurcharan Singh Bhatia survived the partition of India, one of history’s deadliest massacres, while sixty-seven members of his family were killed. Rather than turning to revenge and more violence, Gurcharan adopted a lifelong philosophy of peace, which led him to a rewarding, community-driven life in Canada. He took the daring leap to move his young family to an unfamiliar land in a time when few Indians were moving to Canada. Dedicating his life to building a better, more tolerant and more accepting nation, he has reshaped his adopted country through his belief in truth, love and non-violence. Truth, love, non-violence is available at any Amazon site in paper or Kindle form.