It really is the little things….

Last week, I received some very happy news. Here’s the back story- I occasionally read completed manuscripts before the writer submits them for publication. I offer my edits and suggestions and consult with the writer on how they can make their book better. It’s a good exercise for me as it teaches me how to be a better writer and editor. I’d love to be a writer in residence some day, and this is great practice for me.

Sometimes people pay me to do these consultations, although I have done the rare one for free. Last week, I learned that a friend has received a publisher for her novel. This week, she signed the contract. I was one of the first readers on this novel, and I am very happy to have played a small part in helping someone achieve their dream. I can’t wait to get my copy of the book.

Today, I tweeted at Judy Blume and received a reply. I told her that I’d had a dream that she owned a bookstore and carried all Lois Lowry’s Anastasia books. She retweeted me and replied. Somewhere, the ten-year-old girl inside me is exploding with glee.

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