What I’ve been up to

It turns out that I got concussed in South Africa, so things have been a bit slow over here. I got hit on the head with a palm tree while I was on the Hop on Hop Off bus in Cape Town. It wasn’t diagnosed until almost a month. Concussions take about six months to heal and it’s a long, slow process.

But I’ve still been keeping busy,
1. I wrote an article for University Affairs magazine
2. I did some reviewing of plays for “Vue Weekly”.
3. I volunteered at Folk Fest.
4. I went to Rootstock in Pincher Creek
5. I wrote stories for my newspaper, even though I had to take a week off because of health reasons
6. I took some time off of my novel, but I’m almost done! Just finishing up the last two chapters and then I’ll be looking for an agent.
7. I’ve been enjoying my summer, even though I had to rest a lot because healing a concussion takes a lot of and time energy. So I’ve been doing less, but I don’t mind that at all.

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