I didn’t win any awards….

My second book “13” came out in 2011. It was eligible for a few awards, but it didn’t even longlist for any. Now this could make me feel like a loser, but you know what? It doesn’t. Of course I would like the recognition, and would love to have some sort of award to add to my roster of accomplishments, but in the small scheme of things, it doesn’t matter at all.


I’m just happy to have two books published. I was thrilled to publish my first book, and I was equally thrilled to publish my second. I didn’t manage to simply accomplish something that was a lifelong dream- I managed to do it TWICE.


And in my humble opinion, my skills improved between book one and book two, which is also rewarding.

That’s an award in itself for me.


It doesn’t stop here. I am still plugging away at book three, and plans for book four are in development. I hope to keep on developing my skills and keep on writing better books.

So that’s my award. It doesn’t come with money or recognition or even an increase in sales, but it means everything to me. I’m working in a field I love, and doing something I have always wanted to do.


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