The Complete list of everything I read in 2011

Several people asked for this, and so here it is. I found a way to do it that did not take forever. (CAN) indicates Canadians, and & indicates that we met each other and know each other well enough that if you asked them if they’ve met me, they would be able to say “yes”.
Every book I read in 2011
1. Rose Madder by Stephen King
2. Loving Frank by Nancy Horan
3. What Boys Like and other stories by Amy Jones (CAN)
4. Sanctuary Line by Jane Urquhart (CAN)
5. Tangles by Sarah Leavitt (CAN)
6. Room by Emma Donoghue (CAN)
7. Changing my mind by Margaret Trudeau (CAN)
8. The Bone Cage by Angie Abdou (CAN) &
9. Sex at Dawn- The prehistoric evolution of modern sexuality- Christopher Ryan
10. No plot, no problem- Chris Baty
11. Having Faith in the Polar Girls’ Prison- Cathy With (CAN)
12. Tipping the Velvet- Sarah Waters (re-read)
13. Portnoy’s Complaint- Philip Roth
14. The Dirty Life- Kristin Kimball
15. The Complete Essex County- Chris Lemire (CAN)
16. Sic- Nikki Reimer (CAN) &
17. Hate List- Jennifer Brown
18. Bloodroot- Amy Greene
19. The Help- Kathryn Stockett
20. Stuffed- what is making America fat- Hank Cardello
21. Methland- Nick Reding
22. How Dogs think- Stanley Coren (CAN)
23. Girls to the front- the true story of Riot Grrl- Sara Marcus
24. Epileptic- David B
25. Just Kids- Patti Smith
26. The Reinvention of the Human Hand- Paul Vermeesch (CAN) &
27. The Good Fairies of New York- Martin Millar
28. Anything Boys can do- Angie Abdou (CAN) &
29. Life- Keith Richards
30. The China Study- Colin T. Campbell
31. The Guardians- Andrew Pyper (CAN)
32. What it is- Lynda Barry
33. Cecil and Jordan in New York- Gabrielle Bell
34. Twenty Fragments of a Ravenous Youth- Xialu Guo
35. The Beggar’s Garden- Michael Christie (CAN)
36. Not suitable for family viewing- Vicki Grant (CAN)
37. Vertical Farm- Dickson Despommier
38. Real Life- Sharon Butala (CAN)
39. Quiver- Holly Luhning (CAN)
40. The Annotated Bee and Me- Tim Bowling (CAN) &
41. Curse of the Wolf Girl- Martin Millar
42. By love possessed- Lorna Goodison (CAN)
43. Let the right one in- John Avde Linquist
44. Twelve steps to a compassionate life- Karen Armstrong
45. Some we love, some we hate, some we eat by Hal Herzog
46. Reality bites back- on reality tv- by Jennifer L. Pozner
47. A Concise Chinese-English Dictionary for Lovers- Xialu Guo
48. My mother she killed me, my father he ate me- Kate Bernheimer
49. Unbearable Lightness- Portia de Rossi
50. Into the heart of the country- Pauline Holdstock (CAN)
51. Fat Vampire: A never coming of age story- Adam Rex
52. Still Life with June- Darren Greer (CAN)
53. No more bull! The Mad Cowboy talks about the American diet- Howard F. Lyman
54. Swamplandia!- Karen Russell
55. 13 ways to kill your community- Kelly Clemmer and Doug Griffiths (CAN) &
56. Sisters Red- Jackson Pearce
57. Cinderella ate my daughter- Peggy Orenstein
58. The Woefield Poultry Collective- Susan Juby (CAN) &
59. Fat Land- Greg Critser
60. The Canterbury Trail- Angie Abdou (CAN) &
61. Rose of no man’s land-Michelle Tea
62. Blankets- Craig Thompson (re-read)
63. Don’t be afraid- Steven Hayward (CAN)
64. The Radleys- Matt Haig
65. Adventures in Solitude- Grant Lawrence (CAN)
66. Veganist- Kathy Freston
67. Food, Girls and other things I can’t have- Allen Zadoff
68. Late, late at night- Rick Springfield
69. Day of Honey- Annia Ciezadlo
70. Anna and the French Kiss- Stephanie Perkins
71. Story House- Timothy Taylor (CAN) &
72. Fingersmith- Sarah Waters (re-read)
73. Falling Blues- Jannie Edwards- & (CAN)
74. The Great Partition- Making of India and Pakistan-Yasmin Khan
75. Tiger, Tiger- A memoir- Margaux Fragoso
76. Joyner’s Dream- Sylvia Tyson (CAN)
77. Hump- Ariel Gordon (CAN) &
78. Freedom at Midnight- Larry Collins
79. Irma Voth- Miriam Toews (CAN)
80. Edmonton in our own words – Linda Goyette- (CAN) &
81. Something borrowed- Emily Giffin
82. Alone in the Classroom- Elizabeth Hay (CAN)
83. Racism in Canada- Vic Satzewich (CAN)
84. The History of Canada- Scott W. See (CAN)
85. Must you go? My life with Harold Pinter- Antonia Fraser
86. The Memory Palace- Mira Bartok
87. The new Penguin History of Canada- Robert Bothwell (CAN(
88. Mennonites don’t dance- Darcie Hossack Friesen (CAN)
89. Sikhism- Sewa Singh Khalsi
90. On the outside looking Indian- Rupinder Gill (CAN)
91. Snoop: What your stuff says about you- Sam Gosling
92. Finding the words- Writers on Inspiration, Desire, War, Celebrity, Exile and Breaking the rules- edited by Jared Bland (CAN)
93. Bite me! The world of Buffy the Vampire Slayer- Nikki Stafford (CAN)
94. Something Blue- Emily Giffin
95. Blood, Bones and Butter- Gabrielle Hamilton
96. Dogs at the Perimeter- Madeleine Thien (CAN)
97. Into that Darkness- Steven Price (CAN)
98. The Vinyl Princess- Yvonne Prinz
99. The Salt Road- Jane Johnson
100. Writing from Personal Experience, how to turn your life into salable prose- Nancy Kelton
101. The Better Mother- Jen Sookfong Lee (CAN)
102. Dreams of Joy- Lisa See (CAN)
103. All you get is me- Yvonne Prinz
104. Ash- Malinda Lo
105. Little Princes- Conor Grennan
106. Up up up- Julie Booker (CAN)
107. Townie a memoir- Andre Dubus the Third
108. And me among them- Kristen den Hartog (CAN)
109. Anticipated Results- Dennis E. Bolen (CAN)
110. Vaclav and Lena- Haley Tanner
111. Cool Water- Dianne Warren (CAN)
112. One Crow Sorrow- Lisa Martin-de Moor (CAN) &
113. Moonwalking with Einstein- Joshua Foer
114. Ten Miles past normal- Frances Dowell O’Roark
115. Paying for it- Chester Brown (CAN)
116. We need to talk about Kevin- Lionel Shriver
117. My Korean Deli- Ben Ryder Howe
118. Shiver- Maggie Stiefvater
119. House of Sand and Fog- Andre Dubus the Third
120. Tangled-Carolyn Mackler
121. Tommy Douglas bio- Vincent Lam (CAN)
122. The Water Man’s Daughter- Emma Ruby-Sachs (CAN)
123. Pierre Elliot Trudeau bio- Nino Ricci (CAN)
124. The Thirteen- Susie Moloney (CAN)
125. The Wilder Life- my adventures in the lost world of little house on the prairie- Wendy McClure
126. The Compassionate Life- His holiness the Dalai Lama
127. Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children- Ransom Riggs
128. Natural Order- Brian Francis (CAN) &
129. Nellie McClung bio- Charlotte Gray (CAN)
130. The City Homesteader- Scott Meyer
131. Various Positions- Martha Schbas (CAN)
132. What makes you not a Buddhist- Dzongsar Jamyang Khyentse
133. The Basketball Diaries- Jim Carroll (re-read)
134. The Antagonist- Lynn Coady (CAN) &
135. Ten things we did- Sarah Mlynowski
136. After Canaan- Essays on Race, writing and region- Wayde Compton (CAN) &
137. Your voice in my head- Emma Forrest
138. Wanderlust- a love affair with five continents- Elisabeth Eaves
139. Transition- the story of how I became a man- Chaz Bono
140. Writers Gym- Eliza Clark (CAN)
141. The Night Circus- Erin Morgenstern (online friend for over 10 years)
142. Bossypants- Tina Fey
143. We all Fall down- Living with Addiction- Nic Sheff
144. 13- Alexis Kienlen (CAN) & (I had to re-read my own book multiple times.) Perhaps I shouldn’t have counted this. (But what fun is that?)
145. Marshall McLuhan bio- Douglas Coupland (CAN)
146. Far to go- Alison Pick (CAN)
147. Bare- The truth about stripping- Elisabeth Eaves
148. Monoceros- Suzette Mayr (CAN)
149. Waiting for Joe- Sandra Birdsell (CAN)
150. Linger- Maggie Stiefvater
151. The Little Shadows- Marina Endicott (CAN) &
152. Why I am Buddhist- Stephen T. Asma
153. The World of Pooh- The complete Winnie the Pooh and the House at Pooh Corner- A.A. Milne- (re-read)
154. Drinking: a love story- Caroline Knapp
155. The sisters brothers- Patrick deWitt (CAN)
156. Does the noise in my head bother you?- Steven Tyler
157. Forever- Maggie Stiefvater
158. Creep- Jennifer Hillier (CAN)
159. Lola and the Boy next Door- Stephanie Perkins
160. Eating Dirt- Charlotte Gill (CAN)
161. Once you break a knuckle – DW Wilson (CAN)
162. Charlotte’s Web- E.B. White (re-read)
163. Half-Blood Blues- Esi Edugyan (CAN0
164. Sisterhood Everlasting- Ann Brashares
165. Sex, Sin and Zen- Brad Warner
166. Please look after Mom- Kyung-Sook Shin
167. This Dark Endeavour- The Apprenticeship of Victor Frankenstein- Kenneth Oppel (CAN)
168. 13- The story of the world’s most notorious superstition- Nathaniel Lachenmeyer
169. The Chemical Carousel- what science tells us about beating addiction- Dirk Hanson
170. Drummer Girl- Karen Bass (CAN) &
171. Life itself- Roger Ebert
172. Touch-Alexi Zentner (CAN)
173. The Moth Diaries- Rachel Klein
174. Sugar in my bowl- real women write about real sex- Erica Jong
175. The Sweetness at the bottom of the pie- Alan Bradley (CAN)
176. The Walking Dead- Volume 1- Robert Kirkman
177. The Walking Dead Volume 2- Robert Kirkman
178. Will Grayson, Will Grayson- John Green and David Leviathan
179. The Virgin Cure- Ami McKay (CAN)
180. Before I go to sleep- S. J Watson
181. On Monsters- Stephen T. Asma
182. Girls in White Dresses- Jennifer Close
183. Understanding Marijuana- Mitch Earleywine
184. The Man in Blue Pyjamas- Jalal Barzanji (CAN)
185. The Marriage Plot- Jeffrey Eugenides
186. Beauty Plus Pity- Kevin Chong (CAN) &
187. Habibi- Craig Thompson
188. Graveminder- Melissa Marr
189. Ready Player One- Ernest Cline
190. Chimps of Fauna Sanctuary- Andrew Westol (CAN)
191. The Girl who circumnavigated Fairyland in a ship of her own making- Catherynne M. Valente
192. The Woman in White- Wilkie Collins
193. The Walking Dead- Volume 3- Robert Kirkman
194. The Walking Dead- Volume 4- Robert Kirkman
195. Submarine- Joe Dunthorne
196. The Walking Dead- Volume 5- Robert Kirkman

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  1. Wow…

    I’m lucky if I finish reading a book (other than a graphic novel) in a month… you seem to get one done every other day!?

    I hate you… (no I don’t)

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