If someone believes in your dream….

I’m in holiday mode right now. That means lots of reading and movie watching. Yes, even more than usual.

The past couple of days, I’ve been reading “The Chimps of Fauna Sanctuary” by Andrew Westoll. I haven’t made my “top reads of 2011 list” yet, but this book is definitely going on the list. It’s a non-fiction book about rescued chimps, the sanctuary that they live in, and the people who work there. The book has ended up on many “best of 2011” lists, and been nominated for several national awards, with good reason.

There’s one quote that really stuck with me and it was said by Gloria Grow, the woman who founded Fauna Sanctuary.

“He believed in me,” says Gloria. “And if someone believes in you, you can do just about anything. You have to have people who have faith in you, and then you’ll be fine. Even if your dream is the wonkiest dream in the world.”

This has always been true for me.

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