Celebrating Vancouver

My poem “new town chinese bakery” was selected to appear in Subterrain magazine’s special issue about Vancouver’s 125th birthday. The magazine featured 125 different poets who all wrote poems about Vancouver. See the complete list of poets here I’m proud to be included with so many great writers.

New Town Chinese bakery is my favourite Chinese bakery in Vancouver (and possibly the world). It is on East Pender, in the heart of Chinatown, just a block or two from the entrance of the Sun Yat Sen classical garden. My favourite thing to get at the New Town Chinese bakery is a shrimp turnover. I have yet to find another bakery that makes one that is as good.

On my last trip to Vancouver, I went to the New Town Chinese bakery two times. It helps that the bakery is located near Tinseltown, my favourite movie theatre in Vancouver.

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