This post is for you….

I have finished my last reading on this 10 day tour. I read in four cities in nine days. It was a whirlwind. This was my most extensive tour to date, and I’ve never done so much press in my life. I feel like I have given 150% of myself and shared a great deal of my personal life and thoughts with friends and complete strangers. It has been intense, but a total blessing and a real gift to me. I feel really grateful right now.

My Vancouver reading was a success and I read to a large group of people and was surrounded by friends and hugged numerous times. I’m not even sure how many supportive texts and emails I have answered this week. I can’t even count the number of people who have congratulated me.

So I just have to say thank you….

1. Thank you to all the people who organized and helped with the readings.
2. Thank you to all the people who housed me and fed me.
3. Thank you to everyone who bought a book and was excited for me.
4. To everyone who made my National Post posts go viral.
5. Thank you to all the people who came to a reading.
6. To everyone who texted or emailed with regrets and kind words.
7. Thank you to the people who tramped through their first Edmonton snowstorm to the reading.
8. To the friends from elementary school and high school who came out even though I haven’t seen them for 10 years.
9. Thank you to the person who got a bunch of stressed out, strange text messages from me. Thank you for being so kind and gentle.
10. To my new Kienlen friend. I’m so glad to have met another Kienlen.
11. Thank you to the friend who came to 2 readings in 2 different cities.
12. Thank you to everyone who couldn’t attend the entire reading. Some of you made a special trip out to see me and visit before or after I read.
13. Thank you to everyone who brought their kids out to see me.

Thank you to you all.

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