Day 1

When I had last posted, I had just arrived in Africa. We had a nice buffet style dinner the first night. The food at our resort is good and there’s lots of variety. People in this part of the world don’t think that it’s a meal unless there are many different kinds of meat, so […]

I’ve arrived

I’ve arrived. The journey was a long, long one. I started out in Canada, and went through US customs in Canada. This was uneventful and anti-climatic. I was one of few people at the Edmonton airport. My flight to Seattle only had 25 people on it, and we all had seats to ourselves. After about […]

Trip preparation

A few people have asked for some details about the conference. I’m going to the congress of the International Federation of Agricultural Journalists. Every year, the International Federation of Agricultural Journalists holds a meeting. The location moves to a different country every year. Canada hosted in the congress in Guelph in 2011. This is the […]

How I ended up on a trip to South Africa

  I did my undergraduate degree in International Studies, with a focus on race and ethnic relations. I guess you could say my interests lie more in developing countries, rather than developed ones.  I studied ethnic conflicts around the world, anthropology, sociology, history, politics and development. After my undergraduate degree, I ended up doing a […]