Relish Food on Film festival

I’m excited to attend a new film festival in Edmonton. The Relish Food Festival, which takes place November 13-16, showcases films about food. I’ll be in attendance Friday and Saturday night. I’m quite disappointed that I can’t attend tonight’s screening of “To Make a farm”, created by filmmaker Steve Suderman. “To make a farm”, which won a number of awards, tells the story of young farmers as they try to start and maintain their farms. It’s a beautiful and moving film. The film will be followed by a panel discussion with some young farmers.

I’ve already seen “Just eat it!”, which screens on Friday, November 14, but I really recommend that you try and check it out. I caught a screening of this film at the Edmonton International Film Festival. It’s a fun, Canadian made documentary that explores food waste and its impact. It’s a thought provoking and excellently crafted documentary. Please go see it.

On the night of Friday November 14, I’ll be in attendance at a film called “Blood into wine”. This documentary tells the story of Maynard James Keenan, a musician, who decided to get into winemaking in Arizona. I think this should be a great film.

On Saturday, November 15, I’ll be attending “The Slow Food story”. This film tells the story of the Slow Food movement, and its start in Italy.

There are lots of other films that will be screening this weekend. The festival is also hosting “Dinner and a movie”, featuring dinners cooked by chefs and paired with films.

There are also French food movies showing at Cafe Bicyclette.

This festival looks like a great addition to both food and film culture in Edmonton. I’m pleased to support it and hope you do too.

The full lineup can be found at the Relish Fest food website

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