June 18, 2014 launch

I’ve been so busy that I am only getting a chance to update this now! That’s just an indication of how crazy things have been.

Our launch on June 18, 2014, was an incredible success. We held it in the lobby of the Health Sciences building at Norquest. When we got there, there were only a few people milling around. The moments right before an event are always the worst for me. I hate watching people come in, and I’m always nervous when I have to say hi to them. I’m always scared that no one is going to come to the end. In this case, it turned out that all my worries were worthless.

We had over 135 people at the event. The Speaker of the Alberta Legislature, the Honourable Gene Zwozdesky, was the keynote speaker. He started talking about Gurcharan and the book, and I nearly started crying. He was followed up by Jodi Abbott, the CEO of Norquest College. We then had Maria Dunn perform some musical entertainment. Then Gurcharan spoke, which was also very moving for me. I nearly cried numerous times. Then I read from two short passages in the book, and did a great job.

We managed to sell 76 books, and I spoke with many people and made some wonderful new connections.

So all in all, one couldn’t wish for anything more. Both Gurcharan and I acknowledged Linda Goyette, who contributed to the project immensely, but was not at the event.

I couldn’t have wished for a better book launch. Really.

(That same week, I danced four times, hosted my mother, had a dance recital, and worked at my job. To say it was a crazy week is an understatement.)

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