Dear Hollywood

Dear Hollywood,

I have loved you ever since I saw your face. You have made me laugh, made me cry, taught me things and entertained me. I have spent hours with you. You have been with me in so many different ways. I love you so much that if it was possible, I would marry you and have your celluloid babies.

However, you do continue to disappoint me and frustrate me. In 85 years of Academy Awards, only one woman has won the award for Best Director. Women only make up 7 per cent of the directors in Hollywood. I want to see some new stories because I get really tired of seeing movies about macho white men who have to save the world. I like seeing women be more than girlfriends and wives on screen. I like seeing different types of stories, featuring women and minorities. I want to see parts of history that haven’t been represented yet. I want to see stories that represent the wild, crazy beautiful world we live in, with all its diversity, goodness, sadness and sublime moments. I want you to challenge and excite me, and continue to make me laugh and cry.  I like good dialogue, a great story, and films that make me think. I’m not going to quit you, but I needed to say this before Oscar night.


Love always,


PS- Can Leonardo win an Oscar at some point? That guy really deserves one.

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