Fall happenings….

My day job is full time, but it does have a seasonal aspect to it. I am busiest when people are NOT farming. In the summer time, all the farmers are busy and our paper is a lot smaller. From September to April, the farmers are busy going to conferences and planning their next season, and our paper can jump up to 84 pages. The seasonal nature of my job was a little odd to handle at first, but after 4 years(!) at the job, I’m getting used to it. I’m getting into my fall rhythm, which includes a lot of travel and many, many conferences.

However, I’m still appearing at a number of festivals this fall.

On October 19, I’m appearing on a panel for Edmonton’s non-fiction festival, Litfest! I’ll be on a panel with my friends Dana DiTomaso and Danielle Metcalfe-Chenail and Noah Richler. (Yes, the nationally-acclaimed journalist and son of Mordecai Richler. That won’t be intimidating at all) Read about the event
It’s free at the CBC stage in the City Centre mall at noon on October 19.

On October 21, I’ll be performing at the Writers Cabaret for Literacy at the Artery at  7 p.m.

Finally, I’m on a panel at Pure Spec Edmonton’s speculative fiction festival. I’ll be talking about race and ethnicity in science fiction on the morning of November 18. I’ll post more about that once the schedule is up.

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