Things got away on me! But all is well and wonderful.

1. I taught a week long fiction workshop at Wordsworth teen writing camp this year. I loved it, and learned as much from my teens as they did from me. We had a fabulous time talking about books, writing, movies, vampires and all other things. I also had a great time with the other instructors and got to spend a lot of time learning from them as well.


2. In a couple days, I head to Stockholm for a week long vacation before attending the 2012 conference of the International Federation of Agricultural Journalists. I was selected to attend as an Alltech young leader. You can read more about the award and the other young participants <a href=“> here </a>

Not sure how much I’ll update while in Sweden. I’ll be there for two weeks. Hopefully I’ll get motivated to do an update or two. We shall see….

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