Busy like a….

Bee? I’m well on my way to becoming crazy bee lady. My aunt made me a set of nice placemats out of a bee printed fabric and I bought myself some bee-related art today. I guess becoming a bee lady is more palatable than becoming a cat lady, right?

Anyway, I have been very, very busy. I’ve done some great readings this month.

1. Went to Regina where I read at the Vertigo reading series , which was held in an old gentlemen’s club (this is where gentlemen tended to hang out, NOT visit strippers). It was a great space, full of dark woods (my favourite) and big mirrors. The reading was a lot of fun and I was happy to meet some new people, spend some time with my friend Tim and my friend Jess, and wander around Regina.

2. Then I read at the Poetry Prowl in Red Deer on April 14. The weather could have been nicer, but the crap weather did not deter us. We travelled to 6 venues around downtown Red Deer and read in these locations. Have you ever been to a poetry reading in a shoe store, a clothing store, a kitchen store or an art supply store? Well, I have now. It was a great day.

3. Then my computer got infected with a virus and was very sick. (Insert sad face here)

4. Let’s move on to good news- I’m now very busy with the Edmonton Poetry Festival Edmonton Poetry Festival, which started today. I am on the blog and tweet team, so I get to go to events and tweet about what is happening and take pictures and such. I’m also appearing in two events at the festival and will be doing a school event at Victoria School on Thursday.

5. I AM GOING TO SWEDEN. This is the biggest news. I was awarded an All-Tech Young Leaders Award and will be attending the conference of the International Federation of Agricultural Journalists in August 2012. I am very excited and am looking forward to exploring Stockholm. In fact, the only person who is more excited about this than me is my father.

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