What I’ve been doing

Since December, I have become a semi-professional house sitter. I’ve been looking after animals, and seem to have developed some cat caring skills. I don’t really understand cats, but now I’m a little more familiar with them.

I’ve also been working a lot on the day job. Farm writing is always busiest from January to the end of March. Farmers attend conferences then and our paper increases in size. During the slow season (summer), it can go down to 24 pages. During the busy season (now), it can increase to 80 pages due to advertising. So I create a lot more copy right now, and don’t do as much of my other writing.

Work has been pretty fun. I got to see Temple Grandin speak in Olds, and attended Farm Tech, one of my favourite yearly conferences. About 1,600 delegates attended this year’s conference and one of the keynote speakers was General Rick Hillier.

Other things- I’m taking two dance classes. One of my dance recitals has a Star Trek theme, and the piece I’m in has the theme of “alien hooker chic”. It is rather hilarious and lots of fun.

I’m reading a lot and have been reading a lot of graphic novels and a bit of poetry. I’ve been trying to cook more and have been trying to eat out less. I have been applying for grants and had 3 grants to finish by February 10, which is a little bit stressful. I have finished one of them, and will finish another one today.

I started watching “Breaking Bad” and am now on season 2.

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