CTV Morning Live Edmonton

On January 4, I did an interview with Rob Williams on CTV Morning Live Edmonton. I had to get up very early and then drive across town. We’d had freezing rain the night before and the roads were treacherous. Fortunately, the studio gives its guests a very early call time, so it didn’t matter that I was 10 minutes late.

I talked about “13” for about 4 minutes, live on camera. I watched the clip once, but can’t bear to watch it again. Friends and family told me that I looked poised, well dressed and at ease, but I really can’t stand watching myself on television, because it freaks me out. I used to want to be a tv actress when I was in elementary school, but now know that there’s no way I could handle it. I like the idea of appearing on television, I just find watching myself to be nerve wracking.

(I asked them to send me a clip, and if I find some way to post it, I will. I am still somewhat technologically incompetent)

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