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The tour kicked off with my first reading at a new reading series in Saskatoon. ( I decided to start the “13” tour on November 13. This was a conscious decision.) “Tonight it’s poetry” is a new weekly reading series held every Sunday night at Lydia’s Pub. They specialize in slam poetry, which I don’t do. The sound tech working at Lydia’s told me that the bar fills up every time this event is held. The night started with open mike, as members from the community came out to read their poems. Some of these people were first time readers, which was awesome. I appreciate the older first time readers, because I started giving readings when I was 14, and was too young to be afraid.
I got to read for about half an hour. I explained how excited I was to be reading from my new collection in my hometown and received enthusiastic applause. The audience was fantastic, and 92 people showed up to cheer me on! I sold books and they paid me! Touring poets, TAKE NOTE. This was really wonderful.

The next day, I did a reading at McNally Robinson. This was a smaller reading, for about 40 people, and I knew almost everyone in the audience. I find it more nervewracking to read in front of people I know really well. Both my mom and dad were in the audience.

The next day, I went to CTV Saskatoon to tape a three minute segment that will appear on the Morning LIve show on Thursday or Friday of this week. This was my first time being interviewed for television, and it was a bit weird. I had to put a microphone down my dress.

I got back to Edmonton yesterday, and I’ll be reading at Audrey’s Book at 7:30 p.m. with Tim Bowling tomorrow, November 17. There is a winter storm warning out, so I hope the roads are not too bad. If they are, I guess Tim and I will be reading to each other, which will be fun, but a little strange.

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